Meet our minister!

Rev. Marge Brown

As 2019 draws to a close and I reflect on my blessings, I want to thank all who have helped in the Lynchburg greater community through Unity in the Seven Hills. It is no longer time to hide our light under a bushel.

We began 2019 with a  prayer service with some of our African-American churches during the season of non-violence. Wanting to care for the neighborhood we worship in, we fully participated in the April Clean-up Lynchburg event. Not only did we spruce up our property but we cleaned up the neighboring Family Dollar property.

Unity stands for oneness and believes all people are created in the image and likeness of God. We were one of just three Lynchburg spiritual communities to participate in the Cats Stadium Gay Pride Day. It was indeed a joyous fun-filled occasion for all. I attended a meeting about migrants and I was able to contribute a pocket-size brochure (American Civil Liberties brochure) titled What to Do If You Are Stopped by Police. In July we helped feed the students at Lynchburg’s first Freedom School at Randolph College. This six-week program helped those attending realize they could accomplish anything they want to accomplish. We attended the Interfaith Fairview Community Dinner in August to meet more of our neighbors. We were told by the young people who came to our booth at the Get Downtown event in September that they had heard we were one of the safe churches in the area. I stood with the Unitarians for Climate Action on September 20.  Unity does stand for climate action. In October our music director Daniel Kepel played the violin on the walk for the prevention of suicide. In November we participated in the community Festival of Light so people in the community could learn more about Unity.

Thanks to all in our community who Feed the Homeless men at Gateway the second Tuesday of every month.  Thanks to all who contribute to us as we continue to support  Lynchburg’s  Interfaith Outreach Association with our tithes.

We stand for peace, justice, sustainability, oneness, and a world that works for all. Thank you, everyone! Thank you for our fabulous music team (Daniel Kepel, Sandy Mills and Billie Taylor). They have contributed their time and talents for many fundraisers in the community to help our brothers and sisters. It’s my honor to serve with Unity in the Seven Hills. Bless you all!


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