Meet our minister!

Rev. Marge Brown

Marge Brown loves inspiring people through teaching Truth, universal laws and principles. “These practical, down to Earth teachings bring all of us to a different awareness and empower us all to reach our full potential.” She considers this way of serving a great gift that brings her much joy to watch people transform and cast away their limiting beliefs. “We all keep learning and raising our vibration as we are creating this one world that works for all.

“I was brought up in the Catholic church and enjoyed the rituals, sacraments and caring community. Attending Catholic school through high school, prayer was part of daily life. I feel incredibly blessed by my upbringing and have never considered myself a ‘recovering’ Catholic.

“The church that framed me expanded as I studied. Paramahansa Yogananda’s
Autobiography of a Yogi became my Bible. Later, A Course in Miracles jumped off the bookshelf to me. After reading the first page, I shelved it for about a decade until I found a study group. I found my first Unity church in the Yellow Pages. Yes, I had gotten to the ‘u’s. The first Sunday service I attended I had the experience most have; I knew I was home. The second Sunday I signed up for a Unity prayer class where I learned I could pray for myself. An amazing learning!

“As a sales and marketing professional I traveled extensively in United States, and once in Missouri I figured I would check out this Unity Village place. I began taking classes at Unity Village. I resonated with Unity’s teachings. There was not a lot of dogma. They were practical teachings used to improve one’s life. The only truth worth living from is the truth you prove to yourself is a favorite guiding principle.” Marge was called to ministry by spirit.

“I love that Unity welcomes all people. As we all grow closer to God and to one another we learn to not just accept but embrace our differences, which makes the mosaic of our world stunningly beautiful! Most of us have similar desires; we want deep connection with one another and the God force.

“Some of my most rewarding experiences:
• Watching students awaken, having these ah-ha moments and living differently.
• Praying with over 30,000 people as a prayer associate on the Silent Unity prayer line. 1 800.NOW PRAY
• Being a presence as a hospice chaplain and helping the dying come to peace.
• Being a witness (as senior minister) to two churches growing in numbers of people and doubling their income by raising their consciousness.
• Living in the wilderness one summer alone in nature for 10 weeks and getting very still and quiet .
• Watching Earth be created through volcanic action in Hawaii.
• Appreciating the experiences of Native American teachings, rituals, Pow-wows, sweat lodges and their deep respect for our Earth mother.”


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