Message from the Minister

Rev. Marge Brown

As we are moving through our world as it is rapidly changing, we hold to the Truth which is changeless. We remember we are here to create. We create with our thoughts, our words, our feelings and our actions. This is a time to be courageous and to know that what you stand for cannot fail. Be bold!

Take time to pray and meditate and be still and listen. It is our work. If we ignore that which is ours to do, we will feel discouraged.  It is in the stillness where we build our power and remember who we are and who we came here to be. Be strong in your faith, in your knowing.  Manifest the world you want to live in and enjoy.

I offer the following prayers for you to keep close to your heart. Please allow my words to be your words.

Immersed in pure spirit I connect my heart with the Divine. I am at peace every moment. As I consciously connect with a Divine I uplift myself, my neighborhood, my world. As I continue in this state of peace, I am participating in creating a peace-filled, kind, loving world.

As I pray for others, I pray for all my brothers and sisters on the front lines of bringing our world back into balance, back into health. I pray for their stamina, their mental acuity, their self-care. I uplift them as they continue to serve humanity. I am mindful and pray for their support people in food services, sanitation, transportation, research and innovation, and manufacturing. As I pray for all the people in the world, I pray we all keep our connection to the Divine through our higher selves. I pray we all remember to breathe, pause, connect and pray. As I remember I am the light and love of the world, I continue to spread my light and love. I pray for a world that works for all.

I’ll give thanks for the writers, the poets, the musicians, the journalists, the prophets—the speakers of Truth, for their part in the awakening of our global consciousness. I give thanks for changes in consciousness in the individual and in the collective. I give thanks for all of the actions put forth as a result.

We have enough for everyone. We give thanks to Source. We give thanks to Mother Earth that there is enough for everyone. We take care of our resources by using only what we need. We give thanks for a fair distribution of food and water for every living thing, now and always. Amen.

Blessings my friends,

Rev Marge Brown


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