A Unique Opportunity

Unity in the Seven Hills has a unique opportunity to promote Bob Sima, a beloved musician and his message, and to share in his prosperity. Bob Sima is working on another album and is also creating a couple of other products. He has offered to give Unity in the Seven Hills 10 percent of anything that our congregation gives toward his project. Have a look at the products that are offered for each level of pledge! Use this link to find more information and to pledge whatever amount you want. Be sure to use the link so the we can receive the 10% tithe.

If you love Bob Sima’s music, are a spiritual warrior, or wish to accelerate and kickstart your personal evolution and healing, then this offering is for you. Not only is there a powerful NEW ALBUM: The Movers, The Shakers & The Peacemakers,” but we also include the deeper medicinal qualities of Bob’s music through musically guided journeys including online workshops and music meditations. It is a full spectrum of music and experience to accelerate your personal evolution, growth, and healing.


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